The Terri’s Legacy

Celebrating a Legacy of Excellence

Welcome to Terri’s, a proud, second-generation woman-owned business with a rich history of dedication and passion. Founded by Terri in the mid 1970’s, our company has always been committed to delivering exceptional service to our cherished community.

Our Story
Terri started Terri’s with a vision of excellence and a heart full of determination. Through her unwavering commitment and hard work, she built a business that not only thrived but also became a cornerstone in the community. Her legacy of quality, integrity, and customer satisfaction has always been at the core of our operations.

Continuing the Legacy
In 2024, we faced a profound loss with the passing of Terri. However, her spirit and values continue to live on through her daughter, Garnet Terri, who has taken the helm to guide Terri’s into the future. With a deep respect for her mother’s legacy and a passion for innovation, Garnet Terri is dedicated to upholding the standards of excellence that our customers have come to expect.

Our Commitment
Under Garnet Terri’s leadership, Terri’s remains steadfast in our mission to provide outstanding cakes, cupcakes, classes and more. We continue to honor the traditions and values instilled by our founder while embracing new ideas and technologies to better serve our customers.

Join us in celebrating the enduring legacy of Terri’s, where past meets future in a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation. We are honored to have your support as we continue this remarkable journey.