Feel-Good  Food  for  the  Soul  &  Sweet tooth!


Terri's Table is a long wooden dining room table in the middle of a classic dining room in a warm family home nestled away in a quiet Detroit neighborhood. On the average day, it may be a work station. On a holiday, it may be ornamented with fancy table linens, long stem red wine glasses, ornate china, gold flatware and always fresh flowers. In the summer, it may be the meeting table for a smorgasbord filled with everyone's favorite things, as the gangs all here in town now. Over the years, the head of the table has changed as this table has been passed down from generation to generation. Over the years, the faces around the table has changed as the table has traveled from decade to decade. On the table, the china has changed for the occasion. The flatware has changed to match the guest. The table has moved from house to house and room to room. But, one thing has remained the same from generation to generation, decade to decade, holiday to holiday, event to event, and day to day.

The fresh hot food from stove and oven to serving dish to plate to mouth to stomach to happy. The table has held fresh old fashioned banana pudding. The table has been a temporary home for nacho dip. The table has been a resting place for broiled brussel sprouts, beets and carrots. The table has been set for vegans, vegetarians, pescatarians and the avid meat eater. The table has been adorned with carefully folded napkins that will be used to wipe away the residue of piping hot bbq. 

Today, we bring our table to you with the newest most decadent and creatively chosen cakes with a few bonus sweet items. Today, we bring our table to you with our healthy meal preparation options. Today, we set this table with Terri's Cakes and Terri's Kitchen, from our family to yours. 

Enjoy this experience. Enjoy these treats. 

More love. . . 

The Terri's Team! 

Our Kitchen Story

We're Self Rising

Our baking services have expanded into a few other tasty offerings. We are preparing to meet the overwhelming demand by moving into a brick & mortar space that we hope to see become a fixture in the community like the ones that have stood for generations.

With that we will be able to host guests interested in our high school mentorship program, quick, self-serve or a space to learn how to cook & bake, host a baby shower, bridal shower or meeting and allow our black girl magic to shine bright like a diamond.