Cake of the Month

June's Cake of the Month comes from our Bliss Series!

It is a floral beauty adorned with drip, sparkles, a topper and celebration medallion.

Serving 15-20 guests, this cake is perfect for birthdays, graduations, bridal showers and just because you'd like to celebrate someone you love!

Purchase our Cake of the Month today!

About Us

Founder, Terri, with daughter and owner, Garnet Terri

Terri, My Mom, Always Baked...

For 40 years, she did everything out of her home kitchen and never marketed a day in her life. From weddings to sorority events, birthday cakes to parties---she baked. She loved it and was extremely creative in her approach, her design and her customer service.

In January of 2014, someone asked if I could make carrot cupcakes for her birthday. My mother was unavailable so I agreed to bake them. In production, God made me completely aware of my mothers dream and my ability to bring it to life. In the first week, we made over 150 cupcakes for people spread throughout Metro Detroit. Customers would ask what culinary arts school I attended, I would laugh and say "the school of Terri". It wasn't until I began hiring my staff that I realized my mother never actively taught me how to do what she did. But, from the time I was a baby, I was always in the kitchen with her "mixing flour".

On January 18, 2014 - we officially established ourselves as "Terri's Cakes Detroit" and hit the ground running.

Thank you for choosing Terri’s Cakes Detroit. We appreciate you all. 

~ garnet TERRI, the daughter ~